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For pro-active businesses of all sizes and the industries that wish to go to the next level.
We have access to over 350 business applications. Find the speciliased software that is right for your business: invoicing, billing, time tracking, inventory and more.

8 core services

Strategies for the Cloud

Recognise opportunity. Create strategies to leverage. Analyse business models and future design. Re-engineer processes for the cloud.

Sourcing cloud applications

Activating the untapped wealth of cloud applications. Vet which applications are most applicable to your business, which will differentiate.

Cloud Application Implementation

Migrating historic data, setting up customers, suppliers. Loading operational data. Customising templates. Agreeing procedures + training.

accounting fn outsourcing

Daily bank reconciliations, debtors control, creditors control, VAT, tax compliance, payroll, month-end journals, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet & management reporting.

virtual Financial Director services

Budgeting, forecasting, KPI's, agreeing business growth strategies. Implementing performance tracking & monitoring measures.

change management

Identifying the culture required to differentiate and succeed in the market. Creating change management programs. Training users.

management & board Reporting

Get under the hood of your business with real, operational KPIs specific to your business. Monthly management reporting from operations to board level.

compliance services (Sec & tax)

Annual accounts, tax, vat and personal tax. Ensuring you stay compliant with the companies act submissions as well as secretarial compliance requirements.


Cloud Systems Implemented


Customers Impacted


Stock Items Managed


Cloud Applications

View and manage your cash real-time

Access your accounting platform from anywhere, anytime. See your reconciled bank balance, your unsettled invoices and what you owe.

Integrate all aspects of your business

Find the specific application that meets your needs. Plug it into your financial accounting system (XERO) and the plug-in application will auto-post transactions (income and expense events) based on how you have set it up. Have XERO update the application with 'cash' status.

Track the detail - you can only manage what you know

CrunchBoards is one of the new add-ons. It is an operational real-time reporting engine. Tracking data from Xero can be analysed as easily as all of your critical management information your require for decision making.

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“Organisations are moving in droves to the cloud. The single ledger has changed everything. This is the next monumental shift in managing the finance function. Integrated applications, posting financial transactions have revolutionised ERP systems, their power, their ease of use and their cost efficiencies. Be a part of the revolution.”

Guy Krige, Diga Digital Systems.

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