Are you looking to boost your business? As entrepreneurs, we are generally a very curious and innovative bunch, always on the lookout to innovate and improve how the world works.

Yet it is believed that entrepreneurs invest too much time in developing and not enough in selling. This leads to a short-lived business not amounting to something more than a hobby.

Budgets are tight which means entrepreneurs cannot simply go out and hire additional staff. We share some low hanging and free, to almost free, tools and ideas for entrepreneurs to use to generate more sales:

1. Email Signatures.

Each month the average business person receives 90 emails a day and sends 40 business emails daily (these numbers vary depending on regions and other factors). If a company has 1 000 employees, it means 40 000 emails sent each day. Each email sent – regardless of the content – is an opportunity to generate a lead. A powerful email signature that makes people click on it is one of your most powerful tools at your disposal to generate passive leads for your services or products.

You can look at Clickit (R 60 per month – or the free version at The biggest tip in writing a good email signature is to make it easy to understand what you solve!

2. Post what you are Working on.

For example, you are planning on building a clinic in a township, a school in a rural area or refurbishing an office or just thinking about an idea. When you post what you are working on you give a chance for the world to engage with you. An example could be, “We are currently looking at ways to save water in the toilets of a large office block and are looking for innovative ideas”. Then post this to social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

3. Create a Video of your Expertise.

For example, York – expert in access to markets space – recently did this short video on tips for start-ups & entrepreneurs based on his years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor ( Videos are a powerful tool and a great investment that can be used again and again. And it doesn’t need to cost much.

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