Does your business need to be digital? Yes it does.

Don’t take our word for it … check McKinsey Digital Labs out: McKinsey Digital Labs

What 3 things do you think you can do to deliver your organization’s full digital potential?

Here is a list to consider:

  1. Talk to McKinsey & Company
  2. Talk to Diga
  3. Play on digital platforms
  4. Hold a digital strategy workshop, make some decisions and implement
  5. Hire or partner with someone who understands digital
  6. Understand your customer’s pain points and provide a self-help framework to take them away (e.g. Manage your own air ticket with Kulula)
  7. Understand your people’s pain points and remove these with digital work platforms
  8. Rethink your value chain before someone else does
  9. Research digital on the internet, engage in understanding trends and find a way to sort through the over-abundance of information
  10. Engage in a digital vision and digital thinking until the building blocks fall in place. Source the technology that can deliver the vision
  11. Get help