In this digital world it is all too easy to engage behind a laptop, iPhone or iPad. Easy to say things that we normally would not say in person and the problem is the interpretation on the other side may be skewed. Reading about these relationship principles in Robin Sharma’s, The Greatness Guide: Book 2 it got me thinking:

  • Am I always the first one to say hello?
  • Do I smile a lot and make a lasting impression on people?
  • Could I use a person’s name more in conversation? – This is where I falter and try my best to remember.
  • Do I focus on listening and not simply hearing what they are saying? – It shows that I am interested and willing to engage.
  • Am I treating everyone I meet like royalty?

Focusing on these elements of relationships whether you know the person well or meeting them for the first time. Listen and remember what people tell you so that the next time you see them you will immediately have something to talk about and build a stronger relationship. After all, they are important to all of us as human beings.