We all grow up hoping to be a success in whichever route we follow. With age the pressure to reach certain milestones may start to affect confidence and motivation levels and you find yourself no longer taking entrepreneurial ‘risks.’

Doubts and insecurities creep into thought processes that morph into a ball of negative energy and you question your capabilities; “What happens if I get it wrong?”, “How will people react if I stand out from the crowd and don’t achieve what I thought I would?” This potentially leads to a loss of self esteem and boldness that once powered your business success.

I was reminded of this the other day while watching live music. The band was playing old sing-along favourites from the Beatles, Beach Boys and Bon Jovi. When I glanced around the room, the 30 and 40-year-olds were tapping their feet or quietly singing along from their table. The only person bold enough to go break it down on the dance floor without a care, was a 10-year-old child!

Using this ‘dancing’ theme, I decided to adapt the working week to the steps of the Foxtrot; slow | quick | quick | slow | in the hope of hitting some business goals.


Plan your week. Split a piece of paper into 2 columns: “Operational” and “Strategic” and give yourself specific tasks for each. “Operational” itemsare the tasks that keeps you busy;“Strategic” stuff is harder and the thing you keep putting to one sidebut it’s where the business lies (for example, a strategic pitch to a client or building a distribution network).


Pick one of the harder “Strategic” tasks and then execute it straight away. As you start tickingimportant tasks off your list, you pick up momentum and drive to do more!


Be bold, leave the comfort of your desk and office and arrange to sit down in person with a client, supplier or somebody who knows your industry and then outline where your business is at. Decide on what business direction you would like to go in and ask for their feedback and advice. Keep searching the network for the right people to speak to who are best suited to contribute to the success of your business.


Remember to rest! Last week, I worked for two consecutive 15-hour+ days and I eventually began to lose context of the work I had done. Taking a decent break or making sure to get a proper night’s sleep allows your body to rest and brain to reboot. You will be able to think clearly about what you have already achieved and the next logical steps. 

Don’t let societal expectations or comparisons make you question your level of success. Everyone has their own path and pace.Age also doesn’t dictate the depth of your achievements. Hold your head up, take calculated risks and keep dancing to the beat of the Foxtrot.

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