Your workforce is the lifeblood of your company. But creating a good work environment involves more than putting a pool table or a ‘relaxation zone’ in the office. It involves helping your staff develop both as individuals and as part of your team. This is where the importance of a sound employee performance management policy cannot be underestimated.

Here are 6 benefits of a well-crafted employee performance management policy:

  1. It aligns employee performance objectives to organizational goals. Aligning your entire staff with your business goals helps to set clear priorities and direction. This creates an empowered and engaged workforce able to meet the changing needs and future opportunities of your business.
  2. It promotes open and constructive communication. Transparent and honest communication promotes high morale, cohesion and trust among your staff. Employees need regular, quality feedback on their performance. They also need specific details on how they can improve.
  3. It provides for ongoing professional development. Providing ongoing professional development helps maintain a high-performance workforce of talented and skilled people. Effective performance management provides you with a tool to assess your workforce’s skills and abilities. These insights help you provide the necessary direction, feedback, and development needed for your staff to succeed.
  4. It increases organisational effectiveness. Technology that supports performance management provides valuable data you need to measure your success. Objective information helps you identify job-related strengths and weaknesses, acknowledge accomplishments, and improve performance.
  5. It increases productivity and reduces costs. Overall, an ongoing focus on performance management provides better business results: It keeps the focus on key goals, reduces costs and drives profitability.
  6. It provides a means for rewards and recognition.

Awarding bonuses and recognition in a fair and transparent way can increase employee retention and engagement. After all, a little appreciation can go a long way!

In a nutshell, employee performance management policies are all about the benefits to employees and your ability to manage and develop them. Best practice performance management provides your staff with continual professional development so that your company’s strategic goals and future challenges are met.

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