It’s a new year, new you, better DIGA and some new updates at Xero headquarters. We strive to keep our services up to date and efficient. We also believe it is equally important to share relevant software updates with our valued clients so that they know exactly how their personal and business needs are being met. In this blog we talk about the ASK function of Xero and the latest updates from Xero.

‘Ask’ in Xero is a smart feature that allows you to request information and documents from clients in a secure manner, whether or not they are Xero users. In short, it’s a means of getting information from clients in a timely way by simply, ‘asking’. It also allows you to keep track of replies and queries- everything in one place.

Use Ask for any type of query; be it questionnaires for new clients, a request for documents or a question related to accounts. Xero has established user-friendly and appealing templates that make it easy for you to make this form of communication possible and hassle-free. Here are the updated features for Ask.

Creating Templates

It’s not uncommon to have to send multiple queries or regular questionnaires to new or existing clients. Instead of starting from scratch every time, you can now create templates to reuse or create templates from your queries by simply clicking on ‘Create Template’ under the ‘Templates’ tab. Once created, this template will be available to use again and by all users, thus also keeping the theme consistent.

Reach Multiple Customers at a Single Click

Added to the ‘templates’ feature is the option to send to multiple users at one time. Once you have created your query template and are ready to send, you have the option to select any clients and their associated contacts and it’s just a single click to reach them all.

You are also able to filter the search for clients such as by industry or business sector. This ‘ASK’ feature is ideal when you have a generic set of questions that are related to several clients and not only saves you time but also your sanity!

Theoretically speaking, these new ASK features sound simple but they come with great practical benefits such as saving time, improved user experience and client communications.

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