Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform for SMEs (small and medium sized businesses). It was established in New Zealand in 2006 with the goal of improving upon the traditional and outdated desktop accounting software.

The Xero platform boasts many features; automatic bank feeds, bank reconciliations, invoicing, expense claims, payroll and so on and supports several tax rates and currencies. In their September 2019 article, Xero listed some of their newest releases and updates which we provide a sneak peak of here.

Recently Released from XERO

Geo-Tag in Bulk for Advisory Directory

This tool automatically geo-tags your client’s details, saving you time and helping your business to be located easier.

Stripe Feed

You can set up a Stripe bank feed in Xero which means easy reconciliation and importing transactions. You get a full picture of your financials in an instant.

WFM & XPM – Zendesk

Updates to the Workflowmax and Xero Practice Manager integration with Zendesk enables your team to input time directly from their support tickets into the job manager and captured times are available immediately for invoicing and reporting so there is no double entry.

Hubdoc Small Business Permissions

Small business owners are now able to control who can access their documents in Hubdoc by assigning user roles to their employees. These include Upload Only, Standard or Accountant/Bookkeeper.

These are a few of the latest releases from Xero that SMEs can now enjoy as of the end of 2019. Here’s a peak at the updates and releases to get excited about in 2020.

Advisor App Recommendations

This feature allows Xero advisors to assist clients in deciding which apps will best suit their business requirements, thus offering value to your clients and enriching your business relationship.

Custom Email Templates

You will be able to create and save custom email messages when sending through an Ask query while communicating with clients through Xero HQ Ask. This saves you from having to write the full email message every time.

Quote Integration

A new workflow will be added to Xero Projects which allows it to integrate with the quotes feature and to plan and estimate your jobs.

In 2018 Xero won ‘Bookkeeping software of the Year’ from the institute of Certified Bookkeepers UK and ‘Small Business Accounting Software of the Year’ from members of the AccountingWeb. It was also reported in 2019 that Xero had reached 1.8 million subscribers around the world. These are just a few reasons why DIGA makes use of the XERO accounting and bookkeeping software and another reason why you can rest assured putting your business’s financial matters in our hands.

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