Xero introduced its business directory in 2014 with the aim of assisting SMEs (small and medium enterprisers) searching for advisors that they could confidently and securely engage with. With more than 20 000 small businesses visiting the directory monthly, Xero connects more accountants and bookkeepers to small businesses than any other platform; some 89% of Xero subscribers successfully connect with Xero advisors.

Xero achieved this by creating an improved design and user experience and with new authoring and content capabilities for Xero partners to manage their Xero Advisor Directory practice profiles from within Xero HQ.This allows you to expand on the vision and specialities of your practice and self-edit and maintain your profiles so that you can promote your practice in your own unique way.

You are also able to leverage your Xero-certified staff, in order to  have a further reach and engage more clients, with the option of toggling staff member display on/off as necessary.

In September 2019, Xero launched new updates to their cloud accounting software to give users even more flexibility and client reach.

One of the modifications was the ability to do bulk Geo-tagging for the Advisor Directory. Because the directory uses a location-based search, Geo-Tagging your practice means you are more likely to reach more of the right clients.

Geo-Tagging where you and your clients work will enhance your search results as your practice will show up in the search according to the number of clients you currently work with on Xero in that particular industry. This means greater exposure for gaining potential new clients.

Not only has Xero taken user feedback and delivered new updates and improved user experience, but they have gone the extra mile, continuously evolving and changing the way we do business.

If you are looking for a Xero advisor, please contact info@diga.co.za and we will gladly assist you.